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Miami, Florida 
Outstanding Floral Design & Orchid Service
Delivery 7 Days  until 11:00 p.m.
(305)416-5181  .  (305)389-5428 . 


These   wonderful  small   plants   are   the   perfect   gift   for   those   who   want   that   green   accent  at  home,  or   condo.  We   do   beautiful   arrangements  that   require   very   little  car e,  o r   water.   Please   call   for   more   information   on   t hese   spectacula r   s m a l l    plants   that      seem   to   be   gaining  more   popularity   every   day.    Our   Succulents   ar e   available   on   different   sizes,  simple, or  sophisticated     vases  to   satisfy   the   most   exquisite   taste.

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